Curriculum vitae Erwin Stache

- 1960 born in Schlema near Aue in the Erzgebirge of Eastern Germany
- university study of physics and mathematics, piano and organ lessons in Leipzig
- since 1983 freelance musician and sound-object builder
- participation in Jazz- and Blues bands
- construction of electronic machines as electronic-acoustic and mechanical instruments
- collaboration with independent theatre companies, dance companies, musicians and poets
- 1985 move to Beucha near Leipzig. By-employed as organist of the local church
- ”Dance of the triangle”, ballet and machines with musical object as scenery
- 1992 to 1996 ”Tafü-Lafö”, program with W.-Krause-Zwieback
- ”Klangzeug” installation with mechanical sound-objects
- solo project: ”Paradoxe Klaviaturen”, musical machines and piano
- ”The 10 doubts of the composer”, 1994, music-theatre for 9 players and 1 sound engineer
- since 1993 every year: ”Agriculture-machines symphony ST 210” together with Henry Schneider, a sheaf-binder, a hay-turning-machine, two tractors and some inhabitants of the village of Stelzen
- 1993 first prize at ”Musik Kreativ” in Frankfurt/Main
- 1992/93/98 12 obstinate music-videos, KAOS - Cologne - production for Kanal 4, broadcasted at Sat. 1 & RTL; shot in Leipzig, Beucha, Rüdersdorf, Albrechtshain, New York and Polenz, partly in co-operation with H.-Christoph Bigalke
- ”A Sunday in Plagwitz”, live-cut-video-music
- ”Topos - staged space-experience”, participation at the exhibition in the Grassimuseum, Leipzig


- Musikbiennale Berlin - concert and installation
- installation: ”Sound-boxes” at ”Steirischer Herbst”, Graz, Austria
- Rüdersdorfer machine-overture with connected switch-cupboard
- TV-portrait at ”arte”, director: Frank Schleinstein


- ”Close the door, it rustles”, continuous sound-installation at the Juttapark-tower in Höfgen
- ”Ganz Ohr sein” annual festival of crazy music at the theatre of Jena


- 2H+ and S04 zwei minus - a tone-rustle discharge, chemical experiment and sound, world premiere in the museum of arts Leipzig during the festival ”machines! Music?(!)”, organised by Steffen Schleiermacher
- ”Novalis, happiness on the run” - a theatre-piece with sound; music and director - together with Sven Schlötcke at the theatre of Jena
- ”The O-tone buffet”, a 27 meter-long table with objects and instruments for self-service
- Gaudeamuswoche, Amsterdam
- November music, 's-Hertogenbosch
- Solo - concert- performance “Harmonie der nicht ganz reellen Töne”


- “In der Schwebe” concert - action with 30 Students and G. Anklam at the Zwingerteich in Dresden to an installation of H. Dreßel (Zeitgenössische Musiktage)
- Literarischer Herbst Leipzig sound - voice - light with W.-Krause-Zwieback
- second festival “Ganz Ohr sein” Jena
- Festival Synthèse in Bourges Frankreich
- Installation in a big cave in Grimma to the international music-festival Kaditzsch-Höfgen


- “endlich-endlos-atmen” H. Schneider/E. Stache, concert with accordion machines, air - apparatus and pumps, flying tones, breaths - noise - machine and others Premiere was at 04-01-99
- music for new instruments - “musika viva” in Munich
- 2 sound- interventions in the underground- station U-Bahnhof Klosterstraße Berlin
- Sound and Working - Maingas AG and Uniondruckerei in Frankfurt/M


- “Dans Lesson” music-theater with Manfred Feith-Umbehr in Frankfurt/M
- concert and installation to “musica nova” in Bremen
- “Verlorene Loren” Installation in the Schachtofenbatterie in Rüdersdorf - Berlin
- Klang - Granitplatten, ”tones out of the earth”, sound- installation in a graveyard Leipzig-Lindenau - all day opend
- “Setzen und Drucken - allegro con brio” video and a “Monotype”- machine reconstructed as a rhythm - sound - apparatus. All day working in the museum of Press-art in Leipzig
- EXPO Hannover - - week of Thüringen- “Bachregulation” , week of Sachsen “Sachsenbuffet” - sound - table in the German Pavilion
- “Olearius, der Fernweggenerator”- music - installation and theater, Nikolaikirchplatz Leipzig - Literarischer Herbst - Leipzig
- Munich music-action, organisation: J.A. Riedl
- “Klang-Mal-Hör II ” - Freiberg, sound installation in the public space and a performance in the with 15 young people, 10 children and 2 pensioners at the Freiberg Theatre


- Kunstwerk - Stipend - Siemens- culture-program, performance in a Factory-hall in Nürnberg
- “Gellert” - art - Price, Landkreis Delitzsch
- "Midi - Roller" music festival Höfgen/Kaditzsch


- "Appetit auf Klänge" Concert - Installation - Performance with schoolchildren from the Gymnasium Brandis

- Sound installations: Waschmaschinenprogrammscheibenorchester, Midi-wagons, Würfel mit hexadualer Anzeige Festival for New Music in Witten

- Klangskulpturenlandschaften Academy of arts -- Leipzig

Member of the Academy of arts in Leipzig

"Tontöne" 27 bells - electronic controlled

Musikaktionen 2002 - Munich - Gasteig

Festival in Donaueschingen
Eckpendel, Scherengitter und Module - A music machine theater

cassette ”The trail of the other” with Christian Heckel
music/talk-cassette ”Tafü - Lafö” with Krause ”Zwieback”
solo-CD ”Music in bent space”,
“Hühner” 1998 with H. Schneider,
CD “Harmonie der nicht ganz reellen Töne” 1998

- solo - exhibition/installations, concerts and performances at places like
Arnhem (AVE-festival ’95), Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Köln, München, Berlin (Konzerthaus, Singuhr-Hörgalerie, Wasserspeicher), Schöneiche, Leipzig, Dortmund, Kaditzsch, Bern, Graz, Müncheberg, Dresden, Meißen (Cathedral), Buch, Frankfurt, Rüdersdorfer Museumspark, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Melkfabriek, November music), Eindhoven (Apollohuis), Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum, Gaudeamusweek), Bourges Festival Synthesé - France, Hull-England, Bauhaus Dessau

Erwin Stache, Kirchberg 9, D - 04824 Beucha, Tel.: ++49 - (0)34292 - 72804, Fax: 89919