Composition of Music, Light, Movement and Space

My work contains a wide variety of approaches to the realisation of a new installation or a new instrument. In addition to thematic concepts these include above all the study of materials, the employment of disused industrial machinery and the investigation of their history, the defamiliarization of everyday utensils and - equally important - the exhibition space. Objects such as air pumps, control levers, stopcocks, telephones or wheels convey a familiar atmosphere, which invites us to experiment. By means of micro-controllers programmed by myself I construct wholly autonomous pieces of equipment, which determine sequences of movements and sounds. Simple haptic activities are transposed into musically shaped concepts. The acoustic result is a mixture of concrete noises and of the sequences and layers of sounds and noises calculated in 'true time', i.e. in the moment of genesis. In contrast to this the music-machines theatre functions entirely autonomously. It was inspired by the combination of music with light and movement, the creation of scenes and situations, as well as the confrontation and welding together of acoustically and electronically produced sounds and noises. A score for notes, sound data and control notes, prepared in advance, co-ordinates the mechanism, which is fitted out with motors and magnets, and which controls various sound modules. The incorporation of parameters such as friction, pressure, temperature, light and time gives the objects a certain liveliness. The focus is upon the musical use made of the automatic installation and the composition of music, light, movement and space. What is highlighted is not so much the individual object but rather the concept as a whole. Now and then the somewhat archaic constructions and their sometimes abstruse movements in what seem to be theatrical situations may cause amusement; but this is not always something that has been planned. Rather, it shows itself in a concealed manner as the result of large number of ideas which arose from many apparently arbitrary circumstances and constellations and were realised in precise detailed work.